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Dave Fernandez’s Bio

Original Series Or Next Generation: Maybe it’s because I grew up with the reruns…or maybe I can sum it up in two words…SPOCKS BRAIN!!!

Kirk Or Picard?  Are you kidding me? Kirk hands down.

Favorite band or artist: XTC…Check them out…a band out of Swindon, England.  Came into the music scene around the same time as the Police…but due to extreme stage fright of the lead singer…never got the exposure they deserve…think of them as a sonic cross between, the Beatles, the Kinks and the Beach Boys.  Sharp lyrics and a wonderful landscape of sound!

Favorite rock concert: The Police Reunion at the MGM in Las Vegas on my birthday…does it get any better than that?

Oh and did I say that I got to meet the TWO SPOCKS in Vegas? Yep…the one and only Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto.  Now if only I can meet William Shatner in person, then I can die a happy man!

UPDATE: I’ve met William “The SHAT” Shatner… so, I guess it won’t be long now!


[A] Available: I try to be

[B] Best concert: Police (Reunion Tour)

[C] Current clothing: Pink Floyd T-shirt blue jeans

[D] Dirty little secret: First job involved entertaining children at a video store as a clown

[E] Eat at the most: If it’s fast food, cheap and bad for you…I’m there

[F] Favorite band: Beatles…it’s a bit cliché…but they did help shape modern music

[G] Gummy bears or worms: Chocolate…all the way!

[H] Hometown : San Antonio

[I] If I weren’t in radio: I’d be a movie director or a cast member on SNL

[J] Junk food: Cereal

[K] Killer radio moment:  I’d have to say first day on the job…nothing like the excitement of flicking that switch and turning up that pot for the first time!

[L] Listen to me: Weekends

[M] Music to chill to: Vangelis Blade Runner Soundtrack

[N] Number of siblings: 7…I’m the oldest of 8

[O] One wish: to have multiple wishes

[P] Person you’d love to meet: Patrick Stewart

[Q] Quantum Physics: has nothing on temporal mechanics

[R] Reason to smile: Family

[S] Start in radio: KTQM/KWKA Clovis, New Mexico…Norman Petty Started these stations

[T] Time you wake up: as I get older…it’s earlier for some reason

[U] Underrated band: XTC

[V] Vacation: What’s that?

[W] Website you rely on: TIE…slickdeals and slashfilm

[X] X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, Middle Finger and Head

[Y] Your favorite artists: Houdini…he was an escape artist

[Z] Zodiac sign: Gemini

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